Gear_Lock Backer - Dec 31, 2015 16:47

Has the community left Teamwork?

Not sure if this will get answered in the following days and/or week but as an avid hunter and all around nerd, I've suddenly noticed a major decline in the use of hunting parties here on Teamwork. I know for certain that it's because many folks are burnt out of 4U and have wandered elsewhere, but I find it kinda sad if that is the case...

Where are the times where new hunters and old could gather together and make progress--for good or for bad? Where are the timeless requests for people just to help others grind for a bit, as a way to waste the day away? Where is the great community I admired in this declining time and age?

Sure, I understand most people have already achieved G-rank and beyond, and sure--not many hunters want to start over within any of the MH titles...but to see this site where people could get together and make contact as fellow hunters/friends suddenly just be empty saddens me greatly

So to any of those who stumble across this: have we left Teamwork behind? Or are we just casually waiting for another reason to use this awesome site?

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Philsaegan Backer - Jan 3, 2016 06:54

I'll throw my penny in this wishing well.

What I've seen going on in this site is that most people left during the 3U-to-4 Transition. Not even during the 4U era. That's when most of the people just fell out.
I'm in the Facebook group, and there's a lot of activity of people joining/requesting hunts there. No one ever promoted this site while I was there. Maybe I should have said something, but me against 1000+ people... I'm definitely going to get drowned out.

For reasons that people popped out of here. Speculations and random guesses here.
1) Transition from Wii U to 3DS - Most people seem to only get one of these two choices. With the unfavorable handheld style for the Western audience, it's bound to happen (I guess).
2) Lack of publicity - The MH Podcast has always been the one way that most people seemed to be informed about this website. They watch the show, they know about this site. But I guess TWC people have been busy to promote it, so it's up to the minor group who knows about this.
3) [[There was one more, but I forgot]]

In short, no idea. Facebook.
Facebook, Facebook, Facebook (maybe)

I myself tried posting hunts for MH4U, Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, Smash Bros. But nothing happened. Only the ones I talk to the most, whom I have on Skype, will join me. That's about it.
So, take this as however you value it. I'm answering with my toes here.

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Gear_LockYeah. From what I've seen and from your analysis, I can safely say that FB/business has played a big factor in the way this website is used now. Unless the cast can find a way to inform people again, this convenient organizer is going to stay dormant for quite a while

Jan 3, 2016 14:57