-Celestia- - Jan 13, 2016 20:45

Guild Armor/Podcast show

Hello everyone,
I finally got a break from school so I decided to make an account. So I have two questions.
The first one is the following:
"How do you get a full relic armor? Do you have to get the same class of armor or do you do the full alphabetical route to get the complete armor set?"
Secondly and I know by watching that you don't appreciate these questions but seeing the current state of the podcast. ((Still the best source of entertainment for me.)) I don't think having letting fans join the hunts for the time being?
So pretty much I'm asking what do I have to do to be able to hunt with you?

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Philsaegan Backer - Jan 14, 2016 04:18

I can't answer the 2nd question as I'm not a Host. I haven't seen any mention of podcast development at the moment. Probably another hiatus thing since they haven't played "Final Countdown" yet.

As for Relic Stuff, it's a lot of butt-cringing.

These two site will be your best friends.
This will show you a table of how to get the right Relic stuff.

This will show you the different possible stats on a Weapon Class. Have fun optimizing.

- What are Relic stuffs?
Relic Weapons/Armor are gathered through Guild Quests. They'll be in Question Mark icons [[?]] and have funky names, like "Beshackled Weapons" and whatnot. You can obtains these stuff through mining (almost always in Treasure areas only) and finishing a quest. It'll all be based on your luck.

- "I want [_______] Armor. How get full set?"
Understand that the Guild Quests you find will have certain Weapon and Armor Part biases. That's generally what you'll be grinding.
[[--HOLD IT!--]]
The Monster that hosts the Guild Quests (like "Hunt Seregios and another") will DETERMINE THE EQUIPMENT APPEARANCE. Just because you got a Waist piece you need for a full set, if it ain't the right monster, it ain't the right waist design.
So if you want a full set, you have to BOTH find the RIGHT BIAS and the RIGHT MONSTER. Start grinding and asking people.
To know which monster you need to know, look at the link above. Each monster will have a corresponding letter. Check the other two tabs to see which monster gives which skins.

- "I want G-rank Relic Stuff! Not Low Rank."
Said by all, hated by all.
You'll have to GRIND your way up. Best part: It's a freaking ugly grind.
Guild Quests that are level 126 or above are considered G-rank. Therefore, they drop "Champion Pieces", which are G-rank. But HO! "Champion Pieces" are the LOW END of the G-rank gears. You have an infinitesimally small chance of getting anything good out of them.
So, you gotta grind more.
Guild Quests that are level 136 to 140(max) are the Top-Tier quests. They occasionally drop "Beshackled Pieces," which give you a better chance of getting something decent. So... what's the catch?
...Well, almost all the monsters at 136+ are brain-smashing hard. If you have a monster that can go Apex... it'll always start out as Apex. It's time to get some clinching exercise going.

In short, good luck. Have a good luck, and Remember:
Don't buy the ticket for the Pain Train. It only leads to Frown Town.

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