Gear_Lock Backer - Jan 15, 2016 18:42

Connecting a PS3 to laptop via ethernet cable [JP AdHoc/Online Play]

Yes: this may be an odd question to ask since at this point in time--NO ONE PLAYS/OWNS P3RD--but I remember watching a video somewhere that briefly explained using a PS3-to-laptop setup to access P3rd's JP AdHoc mode. Back in the day, I know people would have to connect their PS3s directly to their modems via ethernet, (due to the limited amount of wireless modems), but is it at all possible to just use the ethernet cable from my laptop and connect it into my PS3 to imitate that process? And by imitate, I mean this setup:

Laptop + ethernet cable>>hook up laptop to PS3>>use local wireless instead of direct wired connection

Only reason I ask is in case I attempt to setup a P3rd meetup with some Hunters here/elsewhere

EDIT (5/16/2016): Very late to edit this problem, but after finding another Hunter with a physical copy of P3rd on the PS3, (yes, they do exist!), I learned that by connecting through ethernet and "simulating" the splitter, you can manually bridge your console's wired connection. Basically by creating a bridge in the network options of your computer, you can use your laptop/desktop as a substitute router and connect easily to both the English and Japanese Ad Hoc party. The process was simple enough. Finding the information while testing a hunt with P3rd was not, however. Nonetheless, I am now able to play both FU and P3rd through their respected Ad Hocs/connections

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Berkel - Jan 19, 2016 09:07

I'm not sure if that particular setup is possible, and it sounds slightly cumbersome to me, though trying it our shouldn't be much of a hassle.
I've always used a splitter for this particular problem. My PC and PS3 are in the same room, so I just slapped a splitter in there, allowing me to run an ethernet cable to both my PC and PS3.

I'm also fairly sure that the reason AHP doesn't work with wireless is because the PS3 wireless is being used to connect to the PSP when using AHP.

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Gear_LockYeah. The setup apparently was a no-go for me to try. Might have to get a splitter if I want to play online, but again: hardly anyone owns a physical copy of P3rd to actually play with lol.... Thanks for the advice, though

Jan 20, 2016 16:09

kingwoozyyou have to use xlink kai and use a wifi max aswell and if you are connecting your pc to your laptop you have to use a CROSSOVER PATCH CABLE OTHERWISE IT WONT WORK BUT EVERYONE WHO IS DOING WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT IS USING XLINK kai and wifi max or some type of wireless access point

Jul 24, 2016 20:31