DetectiveJacks - Jul 7, 2016 14:49

Good gunning armors for High Rank?

In an attempt to tide myself over until MHGen, I picked up MHFU again. I beat Low Rank easily with HBG but now I'm going through High Rank offline and last time I did that, I got walled at high rank Khezu.

Any advice on armor sets for LBG/HBG early in High Rank?

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Berkel - Jul 8, 2016 08:12

The start of a new rank is usually fairly barren when it comes to good new armor sets, IMO.
It's usually the choice between keeping your old sets and sacrificing defense for armor skills, or getting a new set that allows you to tank a hit or two more while losing some power.

I suppose Kut-Ku U gives you access to Element Up and a bunch of shots, though Reckless Abandon is pretty much useless for elemental ammo.
There are a few early sets that give the much-desired Shot Up skills (Hornet S, Velociprey S, Conga S), but the rest of their skills is pretty lacking and the interesting stuff comes later.

I'd suggest sticking with what you have for now or fire up Athena's ASS for MHFU. Without charms your mixing options are more limited, but it does mean that anything it spits out is actually doable and doesn't require some impossible charm.

As for Khezu, I'd suggest getting any set with HGE. I mean, that's basically the biggest threat, getting roared and then subsequently thunderballed or body-slammed. High Grade Plugs will protect you from its many, many roars and turns them into huge openings. Khezu takes a staggering 80% shot and 40% fire damage to the face, so get your best Normal HBG and just shoot Normal 2 in its ugly mug. Don't get greedy and it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Low Rank Rath Soul with Garuga Mask should be a fine combination, if memory serves. Don't think you can slap Normal Up on it, but in this case I'd say having HGE is more important than Normal Up.

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