kingwoozy - Jul 23, 2016 22:55

what are some good lbg and hbg and bows in mhx in high rank??

im mainly looking for some good pierce normal and elemental shot guns

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DetectiveJacks - Jul 26, 2016 17:52

I can answer the HBG part. Though mostly you'll be starting with Low Rank weapons and upgrading into High Rank.

My personal favourite is the Cirrus Blaster, the Mizutsune HBG. It's a good elemental HBG for Water that comes with inbuilt Pierce Water S, and uses all three levels of Pierce with no recoil. It's my go-to weapon for nearly every quest (I main Striker HBG and it's godlike with constant Gunpowder Infusion).

As for LBG, Rathling Gun/Mizu LBG for element, Tigrex Tank/Hidden Eye for normal and First Form Nakarkos LBG for Pierce.

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kingwoozywhat about for the eletrical element

Jul 29, 2016 17:54

DetectiveJacksThere's not a whole lot at the point I'm at for Lighting weapons. General rule of thumb is anything Astalos/Zinogre/Lagiacrus will do. I use the Astalos HBG since it covers a few good ammo types but has a lot of recoil.

Jul 30, 2016 19:40