Gear_Lock Backer - Aug 7, 2016 19:22

Does the amount of Affinity on said weapon dictate easier breaks/tail cuts?

Might have asked this question WAYS back when I noticed negative crits via 3U--but during the village Urgent with Garuga, I used the Lagombi LS which had -20% Affinity and after a quick recovery slash, decapitated the Garuga's usually hard to cut tail. Yes, I did have a red spirit gauge via the LS...but does said Affinity/boost dictate more breaks/cuts?

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Philsaegan Backer - Aug 7, 2016 21:32

In short: Indirectly, yes.

Both positive and negative affinity will affect how much damage you do to a certain part of the monster. That being said, negative affinity means that any time you get the Negative Critical effect (black flashes), you're doing less damage than what your raw power dictates. Therefore, you're doing less damage to Tail-Cut Tolerance.

In mathematical terms: If you have a Longsword of base raw of 100 with -20%.
- (On average) One out of Five hits will be a "negative critical" hit
- Instead of doing base 100, you're actually doing 75 (as Criticals are +/- 25%)
However, don't let Negative Affinity totally change your views on weapons with such affinity. Unless the negative affinity is extremely bad (like Upgraded Worn weapons, bleh), they're generally not something to freak out about.

Extra notes:

I can't answer about how Negative Affinity affects Partbreaker and/or Destroyer Oils for SnS, but I'm going to assume that those skill/item are directly correlated to your raw power as well (though, element/status isn't effected by negative affinity; only positive with Crit Element/Status)

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Gear_LockThank yee for the info again, Phil. I play Monster Hunter constantly yet never pay too much attention to its math/formulas on certain stuff, so this was at least a good reminder of how things work via Affinity, etc. Thank again

Aug 8, 2016 14:09

PhilsaeganNo worries at all

Aug 8, 2016 19:38

BerkelA simple trick to get an estimate on how much your affinity is boosting or decreasing your damage is to multiply your raw by (100+(0.25*affinity))/100.
For example, the Ukanlos Destructor has 250 raw and -25% affinity, so its average raw will be 250*((100+(0.25*-25))/100)=250*.9375=234,375
On the other hand, L'Eclat has 65% affinity and 160 raw. This would give you 160*((100+(0.25*65))/100)=160*1.1625 =186

Of course this quick calculation ignores, your level of sharpness, so you'd have to multiply it by that if the weapons have different levels of sharpness.
It also ignores element, but that's pretty monster dependent and unlikely to make or break a weapon unless something is incredibly weak to element.

Aug 8, 2016 22:00