-Dante- - Jan 27, 2017 13:22

Lowering the damage values sucked some of the fun out of MH

I know it sounds stupid, but even though I know my Greatsword does not do less damage than in MH4U, it just lowers my eagerness to play this game. My favorite thing about MH is the stats and damage calculation, as well as boosting my attack/defense with every little skill bonus I can get. Working hard to get Attack up L on my weapon, and having only like 10-20 ish extra damage is super lame. Weapon damage made a lot more sense before. A great sword does do more damage than a lance PER HIT. The average user does not need to know if their GS is equivalent to their CB to use it. Just use the best one you have and there you go. I am positive that if they release MHGenUltimate in NAmerica it will not change, but MH5 I hope will go back to Orig stat representation.

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Philsaegan Backer - Aug 13, 2017 03:58

Uhhh... I'm not sure what the question is, but I will address the "lowered damage values".

The "lowered damage values" is really based on the fact that they removed the Weapon Class modifier. This shows the actual base values that the weapon starts with. MHTri / 3U had the inflation to give a sense of increase, but the weapons were still subjected to ridiculous weapon class reduction.
For example: Greatswords in MH3U could go up to 1450 or something close to it. However, Greatswords were subjected to nasty 7.2 Class Reduction modifier, where you take your GS' value of 1450 and divide it by 7.2... which gives you about 200.

So, to summarize, MHG (and MHP3rd) just removed the obscure and extra calculation that you needed to do to get the true value. While I do see your point about it kind of "sucking out the fun" of big numbers, as one who did a lot of calculations on these stuff before, I'm perfectly fine with the simplified values.

(Disclaimer: I'm trying to recollect all of my memories about the calculations. Feel free to double check my info)

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