IsaacParry - Jan 28, 2017 17:01

Wanting to get back into Monster Hunter

I've played Monster Hunter Tri for 3000 hours in Middle School, and played quite a bit of Tri Ultimate and recently picked up Monster Hunter Generations. I've also been listening to the podcast since day 1. I also have been re listening to the podcasts at work and fully enjoy them as for the questions they answer. Also wondering why Shepard removed me from his Skype, must be because I asked for Shep-Sheets (tm) xD Was wondering some tips on a first start weapon and some guides.

Looking Forward to hunting soon with you guys!

- Isaac :)

Best Answer

HuntingSimbad - May 23, 2017 07:46

I'm so sorry that nobody has answered :'(
Out of 272 times, you'd guess that someone would be willing to help out :/
Whelp, you probably don't need help with this anymore, half a year later. But how far along are you in the game?

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