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Battousai - Feb 8, 2013 13:33

Tri's possible Charm Skills?

Well, I remember that I once found a screenshot that depicted the possible charms that one could obtain from the 3 types of charms. Unlike the MHwiki's guide on it, which just mentions that there are 3 groups of skills and which charms get access to these groups, it went more in depth about the possible skill maximums and minimums. So my question is simple, does anyone know where I can find such info?

And for a bonus question, is one able to get any possible charm from any quest? EG: wiki shows that some have obtained +7 Crit draw 2 slot dragon charm from either hot deal (online event) or Double trouble (urgent). Would I be correct in assuming that, so long as I get a timeworn charm from during any quest via mining or rewards, I have a chance at getting this particular charm?

Thanks to everyone in advance.

EDIT: Turns out the charts simply weren't loading for me earlier. They are now, and the second question has been answered, so thanks.

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Zamadaga - Feb 8, 2013 18:33

Hello there!

I believe you are looking for this page here:

Specific skills on charms are entirely quest-independent, meaning that you can get a "+7 Crit Draw 2-slot charm" from any quest that you can get the appropriate talisman level from.

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BattousaiDo'h. The chart at the bottom wasn't loading earlier >.> Thanks, at least I was right in where I thought I saw it XD

Feb 8, 2013 21:01