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Philsaegan Backer - Feb 19, 2013 19:22

How does Bonus Shot skill work in Tri?

How does Bonus Shot skill (extra bullet fired from Rapid Fire) mathematically work with Rapid Fire? I know that Rapid Fire decreases the damage of the shot; however, does Bonus Shot just (a) add another bullet damage, or (b) are all the shots decreased even more?

As an example:
Single shot: x
Regular Rapid Fire: 0.6x + 0.6x + 0.6x
(a) 0.6x + 0.6x + 0.6x + (0.6x)
(b) 0.4x + 0.4x + 0.4x + 0.4x

Sorry for the confusing question, and thank you in advance!

[EDIT: Answer is (a) added bullet damage. Thanks everyone!]

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Phoenix - Feb 19, 2013 19:46

The bonus shot skill does not lower the damage of rapid fire shots, the damage would be "(a) 0.6x + 0.6x + 0.6x + (0.6x)".

Just a side note the explosion from Clust/Crag S lvl 1 and the Poison Status from Poison lvl 1 is not modified by rapid fire. Only the damage is modified for these three shot types.

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Jam_Crumpet - Feb 19, 2013 19:46

A. Every shot is 0.6 thats why you'd use the skill really.
so its basically 240% damage per one shot compared to not using rapid fire, so long as they all hit. making it 180% damage without the skill when using rapid fire.
Thats why it is not B. as that means you'd do 160% damage with four bullets so you would have lost overall damage even though you fire an extra bullet.

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MagnusD - Feb 19, 2013 21:16

if it divides the damage into .6 it throws another .6 on the end, that's how it do. also with rapid crag, status and cluster the part of the bullet that isn't the payload is the only part that gets reduced, the payload itself doing x as many as there it iterations of rapid fire. so say in rapid fire crag the canister of the crag goes down to .8, the explosion of the crags stay the same, same with cluster and poison shots.

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