Jam_Crumpet - Feb 23, 2013 14:37

Underwater bow mechanics

Like many people, i was wondering how the bow would act under water.
I am pleased to say it's not hard at all and is very much like on land.
The arrows travel slower and arc down sooner, and your effective range is about half as on land, just like a bowgun.
However the main question was how would the arrow rain work under water.
From what i observed, its odd... so it doesn't 'rain' underwater, more like fires like a torpedo. it has a similar trajectory as an arrow out of water, that it doesnt dip much, and the red circle is VERY far away from you.
I fired it at plesioth and the arrow bag just hit him and did nothing, so i realized i needed to be at a distance. After he went for Cha-Cha i tried again.
I missed but i did kinda see how it works, the bag burst much like the normal out of water arrow rain, but instead of falling stones, it fired 'needles' in a shotgun fashion.
Best example, like the needle gun from DMC1 underwater, only a shotgun.
I have no idea what the optimal range is, and its hard to aim as the red circle is far away and you cant see if the trajectory of the arrow bag. also as it is a shotgun style attack, you want the bag to pop right at the monster and not too far away.
Has anyone else made any notable observations?
Post what you find out here if you will :D

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SHIDDDD - Feb 27, 2013 22:45

I've noticed that being higher up that the monster makes the arrow rain considerably easier to aim since the dip is reduced slightly since you're aiming downwards anyway. However, I can't say the same about being under the monster... Even normal shots are hard to aim. Also, in the demo you only get to see the spread type arrow rain. How would the others (like blast) work? Would they explode on impact?

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Jam_CrumpetI hope so, then you could be close. On land you could fire relatively close, yet underwater you have to be far away for the arrow to work

Feb 27, 2013 23:15

SHIDDDDI hope it works like that too, but it could be a bit overpowered or too easy to aim, making the others seem useless in comparison.

Feb 28, 2013 21:03

MagnusDit seems to just pierce thru and then the bag of arrows or whatever comes apart near the seafloor. i guess you have to manually aim it really high at the preposterously long range and try to drop the bag opening up right in the monster's body

Mar 2, 2013 14:03

DroseraYou need to use the aiming shot to control the bow underwater easily, as you can see trajectory path and where the arrow bag explodes. The blast explodes within the same area of the arrow rain, but explodes in a circular blast rather than upwards like on land.
Basically, you need to aim using trajectory path and lead your arrows to where the monster will swim so that you hit it efficiently.
By the way, love the bow questions suddenly appearing!

Apr 10, 2013 02:24

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johnwolf - Feb 28, 2013 07:19

the red marker is the Area of effect cone. the top of the cone has the lease spread so you can effectivly use it as a longrange shotgun because it has a tight spread near the top of the cone..

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