UltraManOden - Jan 19, 2013 23:09

Should I get a Wii U or 3DS to play MH3U?

I've only watch MH Tri, but I'm very interested in playing. I was just wondering if I get a 3DS will I be missing out on monsters to hunt? Should I shell out for a Wii U? Keep in mind I've never played a MH game and do not own a Wii U or 3DS, nor could I buy both in march when MH3U releases here. I'd get more hours on 3DS but would have no one to play with. Any info or advise would help. Thanks alot.

UPDATE: First off thanks to everyone that commented. You all helped in some way, but I don't have the money for both. So I'm getting the 3ds. There are many ds games I've missed out on, I've heard rave reviews on Fire Emblem, and best of all I can take monster hunter brakes at work!

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yougenius Backer - Jan 22, 2013 16:02

If you get the 3DS version, technically you will not miss out on monsters to hunt. However some monsters will only appear in the online portion of the game, so if you don't have anyone else to play with, you will miss out on that, yes. Given the cooperative nature of the game, and the rich online experience, I would say go with the Wii U for MH3U, if you can.

UPDATE: as Lone commented, you can still access the Tanjia Port offline, even if you don't have anyone to play with, so you won't miss out on monsters on the 3DS.

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LoneYou can access Tanjia Port (aka "online portion of the game") offline even if you don't have any teammates, so no, he wouldn't be missing any monsters or quests at all. I do agree on that he should get the WiiU version if he can though.

Jan 22, 2013 16:16

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Don_Quixote - Jan 19, 2013 23:22

Well, the Wii U does give online play, so if you ever have trouble you can just hop on the multiplayer. But 3DS will give you portability, and if you ever want to go to a friend's house or event then all you need is a pocket. But if you think mileage is what you really want, then go for the 3DS if you'll play it more.

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UltraManOdenI'm leaning toward 3DS but will I be missing out on content without online play?

Jan 19, 2013 23:39

Don_QuixoteI don't think so, as long as you download the app for updates. So far as I know there won't be content differences between 3DS and WiiU.

Jan 19, 2013 23:41

UltraManOdenThanks, that helps a lot!

Jan 19, 2013 23:42

Putty Admin - Jan 20, 2013 00:40

If you can, get both. Having access to the DS library in addition to the 3ds stuff, you will have billions of hours of games to play. But yeah, online play through the Wii U will be amazing.

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swaggacheese - Jan 22, 2013 14:21

i would get a 3ds with mh3u as it's cheaper and there are a lot more fun titles available for 3ds at the moment than on the wii u. however if you have the money to buy a wii u and the one or two decent games on that platform then go for it - wii u ultimate has online accessibility after all.

EDIT* also, if you don't have an internet connection at home, it is definitely worth getting the 3ds version. fully enjoyable without needing online access

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Lone - Jan 19, 2013 23:25

If you've never played a MonHun game, I say go for the WiiU version. The 3DS version has the advantage of allowing you to hunt on the go, yes, but if you get stuck, it can be hard. With the HD ver, you can always go online and find some people to help you out until you get used to the monster you're fighting and/or craft better gear =)

I hope that helps and you have a great MH experience! =D

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UltraManOdenI'm leaning toward 3DS but will I be missing out on content without online play?

Jan 19, 2013 23:39

LoneNot at all! You won't be missing anything but online play. Soloing G-Rank will be hard for you though :s

Jan 20, 2013 11:13

Swordbrother Backer - Jan 20, 2013 00:06

I would go with the WiiU not only will you get the online play but if you look at the two systems at a wider view the WiiU has much more to offer you and better games if you ever need to take a break from monster hunter while the 3ds would prob be just for monster hunter.

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OujeAlexGielis - Jan 20, 2013 05:46

I agree with Putty but I'd say Wii U should come first then 3Ds online is a huge perk to Monster hunter games and i definately something you should try

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Orangemanjosh Backer - Jan 20, 2013 11:00

One of the most fun parts of monster hunter is the multiplayer. I get bored if I'm just hunting by myself. Also, iceman said it was pretty hard to solo. So if your plannin on getting to G rank, it's gonna be tough doin it alone.

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Kozan - Jan 20, 2013 18:28


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Amonsterhuntertry - Jan 28, 2013 21:49

The way I see it is that if you get a 3ds you get games were real life can get in the way and it dose not get in the way of the experience and are portable like fire elemblem and Pokemon X and Y but no online play for mh3u with wii u can get deeper game like bayoneta 2 and monolith solf game that has no name but if you get interrupted it runes the expense but online play and miiverse if you can get both because you you get the befits with know drawback

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OmegaGamer - Jan 28, 2013 22:02

Dude, go for the Wii U. About 50% of Tri is the online multiplayer mode. Take that away (which they sadly will in April), and the game has half the content, less fun, a little harder, fewer monsters, and nobody else to play with (unless you count the Arena, and I don't). And this is an expansion of Tri, so I say without a doubt in my mind, Wii U for the full experience.

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LoneThat was the case in Tri, yes, but Ultimate isn't like that. You don't need to go online to play Tanjia Port quests, at least not in the 3DS version. So he wouldn't miiss out on anything but playing with others.

Jan 28, 2013 22:35

critical_chris - Feb 11, 2013 13:21

Most people would say Wii U but I would go for the 3ds because its cheaper to get one even the xl 3ds is pretty cheap and you know if you decide to get a wii u in the next couple of months you could just transfer your 3ds data to your wii u but you would have to buy the game again but for me it would be worth it o 3o

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