Orangemanjosh Backer - Jan 20, 2013 00:30

Will registering armor in MH Tri U be like MHp3rd or MH tri?

To be more specific, can you register armor pieces with certain gems and then use the same armor pieces to register another set with different gems and not have to worry about switching gems when you choose your loadouts (tri)?

Eg. have 1 barioth set gemmed for evasion and use the same armor pieces and gem them for attack. In MHp3rd it would register what gems you had in each armor peice. Hope that wasnt too confusing.

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iCEMANnoob Backer - Jan 20, 2013 00:51

Armours WILL register the gems as well like MHP3rd. I have a video explaining the armour system with my other videos on here.

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ZamadagaThis video is all about Armor, Skills, and Decorations. (It's Iceman's - Check it out, it's very useful.

Jan 20, 2013 00:59

OrangemanjoshWhoo hoo im relieved. thanks. ive just recently started watching his MHtriU vids and there are alot lol.

Jan 20, 2013 02:01