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neromercer - Jan 20, 2013 01:55

What is a good Gunner set?

I spend like 1 entire week of pure playing, nothing important, maybe 8 hours a day, now it's pretty fun and i'm making a Gunner, so I need a little help with a good Gunner set and a Bowgun that matches with me, i got one here, the parts are:

Barrel:Tropeco Gun
Frame:Thundacrus Rex
Stock:Rathling Gun+

I need weapons that deal a lot of damage, and that has better ammo with Pierce, and a armor that also adapts to this one :D!

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vatto - Jan 20, 2013 03:21

One of the best pierce guns is jho barrel, rex frame, rex stock (7,6,5 pierces with pierce all up).
When gunning you should usually focus on one shot type. For pierce guns, diablos+ gemmed for pierce s up and pierce all up is the best choice. Most people put critical eye with it or evasion.

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neromercerThanks, I'll try it tomorrow farming some jho to get the Jho Barrel, by Rex you mean Thundacrus am i right?
About armorset, you cleared almost everything i should have got in my head, but maybe i could combine both Diablos+ with Barioth+ and get Evasion and some Gemming also for anything i should want there, this is going to make easier future farming.

Jan 20, 2013 04:02

MagnusDit's the low rank stock

Jan 23, 2013 11:10

vattoIndeed you're right. I prefer 7-6-5 instead of 5-8-5 because pierce 1 has an amazing amount of combines.

Jan 23, 2013 11:40

neromercerThanks lol i was trying to do the High Rank and now that i know that ACTUALLY i have the Low Rank i only need the Jho Barrel xD!

Jan 23, 2013 13:21

MagnusDjho barrel is a bit of a beast. you can use the barroth barrel to a similar effect, but you'll probably need to reduce deviation, but it has a shorter range for better grouping of the pierce dmg

Jan 23, 2013 14:31

MagnusD*beast to make, i meant

Feb 3, 2013 18:07

MatsterIf you aren't afraid of heavy bowguns, try full diablos+ with the black leather pants. Use this gun: Jho barrel, chaos wing frame, and the blizzard cannon stock. With pierce all up,(the set has it) the pierce lvl 3 capacity is 8. The lvl 2 capacity is 6 or 7. The gun does have a little deviation, but if you gem in steadiness +1, that should get rid of the deviation. When adren is activated(if you use it) and u eat a might pill or deamon drug, your attack will be around 600. =) if heavy bowguns get on your bad side, try blizzard stock, thundercrus Rex frame, and the thundercrus barrel. The capacity a are 4,9,4 with pierce all up. Happy hunting!

Feb 27, 2013 17:51

neromercerThank you all guys I'm already using the option of Matster and is incredibly powerful :D!

Feb 27, 2013 17:52

MagnusDyea that gun's a beast. try using a gun with a range of .6 or lower to r~eally~ get your power going. since more hits will hit within the hitzone you're going for primarily it will boost your damage more than say 60 extra points of raw on your bowgun overall. This with giant clips of normal 1 and spare materials is like the highest dps for gunning possible, as long as the monster takes good shot damage. A good way to do this is to throw the barroth barrel on any gun with a range of 1.0 or lower, pick your poison, tons of great guns to choose from. I got a setup with a giant clip of 10 pierce 1 and rapid normal 2 using jaggid fire frame and the lagi low rank stock, with pierce all up that you might LOVE.

Mar 1, 2013 13:12

MagnusD**giant clips of pierce 1, and mats for more pierce 1 i mean, lol, sorry

Mar 1, 2013 13:12

MatsterI personally think pierce lvl 1 are pretty useles, so all the guns I use focus on pierce lvl 2, and 3 .

Mar 1, 2013 14:22

MagnusDpierce 1 are good for putting the entire shot damage within the desired hitzone. The 4th and 5th hit of the pierce don't simply add to the damage of the pierce 1, each hit in those two bullets do less damage than each hit in the level preceeding it. If only 3 hits of your pierce 2 hit the monster and the fourth goes flying out the side of it it's doing less damage than the pierce 1. it requires full hits to do more damage overall, and the range the bullet has to travel to do it is larger, thus making it easier for all hits to miss the intended area, and thus doing less damage. That's the reason many people prefer pierce 1. Tho this really is almost a non issue if you're using a very short range gun like barroth barrel with deviljho frame, as all the little hits will require less

Mar 2, 2013 13:03

MagnusD*travel less distance while doing damage, allowing you to place entire pierce 3s in heads sometimes, etc.

Mar 2, 2013 13:03

MagnusDAlso, as far as damage done with each bullet type per max-allowable-brought-into-the-quest; the pierce 1 does more total damage than the other two, followed closely by the pierce 2 and then pierce 3 comes in at over 10% less damage done total than the pierce 2, with a slightly longer reload time.

Mar 2, 2013 13:16

MatsterI don't really think this is worth arguing about, but try doing the world eater Jho event in 1:03(cap) with pierce lvl 1. It's just not possible. And for anyone interested, I just created another pierce bowgun. This one is a medium bowgun, has above average reload, average recoil, no deviation, and without pierce all up, has I believe 4 lvl 1, 8 lvl 2, and 7 lvl 3. If pared with Damascus gunner armor, gemmed for reload speed +3, would be a very formidable pierce gunner set. Now before I forget, here's the bowgun: barrel devils grin(Jho) frame rathling +, and the stock is the blizzard cannon. P.S. nargus, I'm not going to a

Mar 2, 2013 15:06

MatsterArgue' with you about this. I just don't think that pierce lvl 1's are any good.

Mar 2, 2013 15:07

MatsterOh FYI you could also gem the Damascus armor for attack up large. You would only have reload speed +2, but since the gun already has above average reload, it's not really nessesary.

Mar 2, 2013 15:09

MagnusDDo you only plan on using pierce on giant monsters like world eater jho in speed runs? I've used it against absolutely everything and pierce 1 always gives the best results tho the other 2 are more fun and i find pierce 2 materials to be easier to get incase you run out. Your example of pierce 3 being superior is highly circumstantial, as barely any monsters achieve a weak hitzone that size, and even that jho is only an event quest, and you're mentioning some record speed run. On top of that, yes i'm sure it can be done as quickly, using the right range with the weapon, even bigger clips, automatically not needing reload reduction and all the free slots this gives you would allow you to have an armor set that actually boosts damage beyond pierce boost as well as a guarantee that the full damage is going exactly where you want it. you do know that except for for exactly in his weakpoint jho takes extremely low damage right? that means every part of your pierce that doesn't hit fully in the face or stomach region when weakest has severely reduced damage, as in less than 50% what the shots in the right place do. Same goes for the majority of other large monsters like uragaan, Agnaktor, Jhen etc. I wasn't trying to argue, just pointing out facts. If the facts seem to oppose your opinions then you're probably wrong.
With reload speed +1 that gun already loads all pierce at fastest speed possible, you don't need +2 and especially not +3.

Mar 3, 2013 08:59

vattoPierce 2 can be used against most monsters with 0.6 barrel. It's good for team environment when you feel badly positioned often because it packs more damage per shot.
Barroth/rex/rex or low thundacrus gets great pierce options. 8/8/2 or 10/6/2 and deviates to one side.
On the other hand, I don't many monsters that pierce 3 can be used efficiently without 0.6 barrel. Mostly jho and ura. Agna maybe?

Mar 14, 2013 18:15

MagnusDi use barroth/rathling/barioth mainly with pierce all up, steadiness +2, pierce boost and combo plus(combo pro). My clips are massive, range is short, my damage is reasonable per shot, and i can make maximum additional pierce 2. Start out with pierce 1, use the pierce 2s after, if it's still not dead and you don't want to use up materials for more pierce 2s use all the pierce 3 (they actually hit fully in monsters due to the good range) then crank out an additional 90 pierce 2 without fail. Jho's no problem with a set like this.

Mar 17, 2013 02:50