Jam_Crumpet - Mar 3, 2013 11:43

Slime weapons/kelbi bow power

I have read/seen that the slime weapons in Trultimate are way overpowered, namely the kelbi bow, where people spam level one shots (which is basically NEVER done in bow fights due to it being much weaker than charging) yet it still breaks almost all parts of a monster super fast with many flinches to the point where i feel bad for the monster...
My question is,
1. is slime overpowered, or are these just good sets
2. is this (if overpowered) just the 3DS version (as thats all i have seen played) and different for the Wii U and/or Will there be a nerf patch for it?
I worry because i would hate to play online only to have all the players bring these slime weapons and ruin the fun by demolishing the monsters if they are overpowered and not patched, its not like cheating or hacking, but how can the game be fun through exploits to which you will never fail because you mashed Y.

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Lone - Mar 3, 2013 11:54

There might be a patch somewhere down the line I guess, but for now both versions are the exact same in regards to weapons and such. The WiiU and 3DS games have the exact same content except for the online mode.

What makes the Kelbi Bow so overpowered is that it makes the slime charge up and explode very quickly, since the Lv1 scatter shot deals a lot of hits (5 I think) and the way the slime works is it explodes and causes a set amount of damage (like LBBs) after a set amount of hits. So the ability to cause a lot of hits very fast + slime = overpowered. The Brachydios weapons, or any other weapons with slime element, are *not* OP though, and the Kelbi Bow needs the Awakening skill to have the slime element activated. So that's really the only cheap, lame weapon out there.

I personally don't like the idea of a Kelbi Bow-infested online either... but hopefully people will see how broken it is and decide not to use it. If not, well, there's always the Hunting Parties, I'm sure a lot of people here won't want to use such cheap strategies =)

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Jam_CrumpetGood point, forgot about hunting parties and such when i was concerned over that bow. It reminds me of what Putty said one podcast about how someone hacked the game to one shot monsters, its hard to say no. I was worried that the majoritory of online players would use that weapon for similar reasons. But its good to know they are not overpowered, i havent really seen much of the slime weapons other than that bow

Mar 3, 2013 15:15

MagnusDThe kelbi bow itself is very weak too. You could do pyro runs with bombadier and probably get faster results.

Mar 3, 2013 17:53

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Azel Backer - Mar 3, 2013 13:29

1. Slime is not overpowered. It's powerful, but not overpowered, especially on weapons that natively have it. Like with every other attack type there's strategies to make it stronger with good armor sets for it. I don't see people complaining for others stacking elemental attack up with say thunder attack+2 and rapid fire +1 then go crazy on silver rathalos and gold rathian. There's always ways to "break" the game, on any game. Even on Monster Hunter Tri, there's runs of the World Eater Deviljho done in less than 2 minutes with no hacks, just exploiting the bowgun damage output with pierce shots, combined with paralysis and shock traps. There's also sleepbombing, flashing, traps in general and other "cheap" tactics as you call them. Everyone is free to use whatever strategy and tools at their disposal since it's in the game already. So what I'm trying to say is, the game is already "broken" if you choose to play so, and if not, the slime element will not change much, or infact, anything. And yes you DO need awakening for the "kelbi bow" to have slime and that's the ONLY weapon that becomes OP in the slime element category. But you'd need an armor with awaken + bombardier or something like that. Not tough to acquire but it's still not the weapon itself that's broken, just the tactic.

2. No, both versions of the game are identical. Stop thinking of the Wii U version as something seperate, or an online-service game. It's just an HD remake and upscale of the 3DS game. There will be no patches to nerf these weapons, if we're judging on the 1.5 years the game has been out in Japan with no changes done to it. Also, there's no need for them to be nerfed. Like Lone said, you can ask players in your party not to use that tactic, much like I assume by your post, you ask them to not use sleepbombing, consecutive trapping/paralyzing, flashing, and other tools that make the fight "unfair" for the monster.

But in the end, it's just preference. Monster Hunter has always been a game where, if 4 players get together with good sets, good strategy, good weapons and the right tools, they can rape monsters in a couple of minutes. Check out Frontier videos with lightbowgunners with the hyper rapid fire. That thing's hillariously broken if used correctly. But that's exactly it. Monster Hunter is about teamwork, and how much it can break the game if done and used correctly. If you prefer to struggle for 30 minutes with a monster for the challenge, you can use lower rank weapons, go with no armor, solo the monster, use no items, or all of the above. Don't confuse self-imposed limits such as "no underhanded tactics allowed" as built-in features and challenges of the game itself.

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wilissleep bombing is a part of the game, it is by no means "cheap" or an exploit.

Mar 10, 2013 20:21

Don_QuixoteOh god, no you don't DARE start that argument here.

Mar 10, 2013 20:33

LoneAgreed. =| No arguments plz

Mar 10, 2013 20:57

AzelI called it "cheap" with the quotes because I don't think any tactic is cheap. In war and love everything's fair. Also, cheap is not a synonym for cheat nor exploit, so from the start I had no intention to imply that people who use sleepbombing are cheaters. What I was trying to get across is that there's always a way to "break" a game. One can choose to simply not follow it/not do it.

Mar 11, 2013 12:46

StrawfootVery well said Azel! Thanks for your insights!

Mar 15, 2013 17:26

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