supremo - Mar 3, 2013 13:53

Will MH3U include the weapons (and possibly armors) from MHP3rd?

I was just curious as some of the weapon and armor designs for MHP3rd look great and want to give them a try in MH3U. Or does MH3U have it's own/Tri's designs?

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Phoenix - Mar 3, 2013 14:21

Yes, the Low/High Rank armors look the same as the ones in MHTri/Portable 3rd. Also most of Portable 3rd's weapons will be in MH3U. The event armors and weapons might have changed.

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supremoThanks a lot, that's great news.

Mar 3, 2013 14:26

KnawojinI really hope we get some 'funny' armors that were found in P3rd and also event/seasonal armors too.

Mar 4, 2013 14:59