Dubiousity - Mar 4, 2013 14:23

What's the best advice you can give to us solo 3DS players?

When 3 Ultimate comes out I'll be playing on 3DS, which means I'll have to go through High/G Rank by myself. Since I haven't had to do this before, I was wondering what the best advice for this situation would be, to best prepare myself for soloing.

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neromercer - Mar 5, 2013 00:53

FIrst of all:Farm the hell out of Singleplayer first, so you get to Online Mode with good equipment and start High-Rank with it also, when you are mid High-Rank you'll need to use more bombs and traps, and when you reach G-Rank the only recommendation I can give you is to max Kayamba and Cha-Cha stats and then go and practice most IceMan strategies, or you can also farm for Brachydios weapon or Kelbi Bow.

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Don_Quixote - Mar 4, 2013 21:24

Well, the iCEMAN video series will be a great help since he solo'd the Japanese 3U. I believe the game will support the Circle Pad Pro. That second analog stick will save you a lot pain, if you're willing to fork over the cash. Other than that, I'd say practice, practice, practice, but you probably figured that one out yourself.

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Mar 5, 2013 09:48

GandhiTime - Mar 4, 2013 21:49

I am in the same boat as you my friend and the best advice i can give you is to practice and learn the monsters

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