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tknocker - Mar 6, 2013 18:13

How can I use a PS3 controller on my PSP 3000?

I have been wanting to record some videos of my play through of Unite and MHP3rd (whenever that finally gets here). I was looking at how to get set up, and that will be a lot of cables. It will be very difficult to play with so many cables connected simultaneously. I have looked at different forums giving very broad and conflicting answers. I found a video on youtube of someone playing with the PSP and controller hooked up through a computer. Some type of program was used to make this possible, but I don't know which.
Has anyone tried this? Do any of you know which program I need?

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Pivotbash - Mar 6, 2013 20:02

Im not sure how many cords you need to do this, i know that Shepard once had a tutorial on all the stuff he used to do his podcasts.

But, to use a PS3 controller on it you need to have the USB cable to charge it, with the other end that can plug into the ps3 controller. once those are connected you can go into the settings for the psp and turn on controller support.

if that slot is already taken you could try to find some sort of hub that lets you connect multiple things to it.

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RassydawgThis cannot be done, at least not on a unhacked PSP. There is no settings in the menu to "turn on controller support."

Mar 12, 2013 04:50

PivotbashAs far as i know, this feature is only available on the PSP-3000, and PSPGo. check what version your PSP is, cause it wont work with 1000 or 2000.

Mar 12, 2013 08:38