thespawnofsanta - Mar 16, 2013 16:57

What low rank armor set would you recommend for a Great Sword user?

I started a new character in MHFU, seeing as I never got really far when I first started, in order to get pumped for MH3U. I'm actually getting pretty hooked, but I'm having trouble when it comes to finding a good armor set to pursue that would benefit the Great Sword. It's the only weapon I use, but unlike when I first played Tri, the answer for a good early GS armor set isn't as clear as Great Baggi or Diablos.
I appreciate any suggestions you guys can provide, and hope to see you in MH3U!

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Berkel - Mar 16, 2013 17:53

The Battle set can be bought in the store and comes with Attack Up S and Speed Sharpening. It has 4 slots, so with a 1 slot weapon you can get that up to AuM.

Next stop is usually Full Garuga with the Garuga Mask which can be gemmed for High Grade Earplugs, Reckless Abandon+1 and Sharp Sword.
Another option is full Ceanataur with Sharp Sword and Speed Sharpening, but to get Sharpness+1 you'd need to get 5 Monoblos Hearts. You won't get those anytime soon, believe me. Full Garuga + Garuga Mask is way easier to get.

Next on the 'standard' list is probably full Rathalos Soul + Garuga Mask. Made from Azure Rathalos parts, it can be gemmed for Attack Up Large and HGE, giving it an edge in offensive power compared to the Garuga set. You lose Sharp Sword though, so decide for yourself what you'd like more.

As you see from my suggestions, there's no Focus or Critcal Draw. And there's a pretty good reason for that.
Critical Draw (called Art of Unsheathing here) is a G Rank skill and is found on the Rathalos X armor at the earliest.
Focus can be found on the Kushala Daora armor at the earliest, which is a sorta decent armor but really lacks both offense and slots (it's got Focus, Terrain Damage Negated, Poison Duration X2 and 4 single slots).

If you're wondering why there's so much HGE, that's because MHFU roars are dangerous. Many monsters can chain their roar immediately into an attack. By the time your character is done cringing and whimpering, Diablos is already in your face and goring you. Having HGE removes that danger and gives you an opening to get a level 3 charge off.

Good luck, hunter!

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