427Arbok - Mar 19, 2013 04:22

How do status values affect a weapon?

I realize how statuses are used, as well as the advantages to each, though I'm a bit confused by the inner workings of the mechanic. What I want to know is this: Does the status value assigned to a weapon affect how much status damage is inflicted per successful application, how often the status damage is applied correctly, or both?

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ibiru - Mar 19, 2013 16:22

Each monster has a certain amount of initial resistance towards a status. You're weapons Status value indicates how much status you apply with a successful hit.
Lets say a monster has 150 Paralysis tolerance and your Weapon has 200 Paralysis as a status, you will deal Status/10= 20 Paralysis damage requiring 8 status hits to paralyze the monster. After each application the monsters resistance resets at a higher amount and on top of that the monster has a natural status recovery, lets say 15per 10sec., which means if you don't deal any status damage it will recover from the previous hits you landed thus negating the status damage you applied so far.. Hope this helps

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Pivotbashthats alot better than my answer 'u'

Mar 19, 2013 21:17

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Pivotbash - Mar 19, 2013 06:08

How i can safely say is agreed upon by many, is that the application is random. every application adds a certain amount to a hidden bar for the monster, and when that bar becomes full the status will apply. when the status is over the bar resets to 0 and becomes a bit longer, making it hard to apply.

I also seemed to notice that if you apply a status and wait awhile, the hidden bar will decrease over time.

I hope this helps 'u'

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CrazyYanmega - Mar 19, 2013 07:43

I have found that after have gotten off one 'application' of status (increasing the status meter, not fully activating the status), following attacks in the attack chain are more likely to apply status.

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