WanderOmega - Mar 20, 2013 23:55

3ds Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, worth buying?

I want to buy a 3ds with MH3U(i dont have a Wii U) but it doesn't have online multiplayer. So....should i buy it anyway and also wait for MH4 even if i don't have anyone to play all the online content? Is the offline longer than Tri?

Best Answer

Don_Quixote - Mar 21, 2013 00:11

1. Yes, the offline is longer by more than double the amount of content. Also, you can access online content on the 3ds even though you'll have to solo it unless you know someone else who has the game on either wiiU or 3ds.

2. If you're going to get either version, but have neither platform, get the Wii U one. You'll have way more fun online.

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