LuceTheBard - Mar 28, 2013 00:13

What bowgun/armor combo should I start with?

I want to get into gunning in MH3U. I have a number of good blademaster armors and weapons, but I have very little sense about what I should look for in a gunner set.

I plan on gunning every once in awhile, so I don't really want a dozen bowguns and armors like I have with my various weapons. (at least, not right this moment!)

What's a good all-around bowgun (heavy or light) that I could invest in to start exploring this side of the game?

What's a good all-around gunner armor I could use to carry me for awhile?

I'm HR2, but at high rank village. I was kind of leaning towards the Rathian HBG because I like how it looks.

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Jawn_Henry - Mar 30, 2013 15:50

Hi Luce,

I recommend starting with a LBG. The Cross bowgun is good for occasional gunning. It can load Normal/Pierce/Pellets along with fire and para.

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LuceTheBardHey, thanks a ton! Any advice on a good armor set to use with it?

Mar 30, 2013 21:29

MagnusDlisten, you essentially have to make an armor set for everything or use a skill like "steel arrows". if you're down with using a single skills that increases all your raw shot damage go for that lagi set with steel arrows. If you want a good set for different types of combat you're going to have to make one for pierce, one for pellet, one for normal, either full alatreon that has element attack up and use the slots to create whatever element you're firing +1 or 2, one with recoil down +1 and reload speed +!, one with recoil down +2 and probably a few more. I generally use pierce so i'm happy with my high rank jhen, it has pierce up, attaack up m and recoil down +1, which helps make many guns usuable and my strong guns stronger, as well as providing very good defense.

Mar 30, 2013 23:26

MagnusDas for a single gun to use there's a few that really rock as overall guns, look for something that carries pierce,normal 3, para and poison if possible if playing with others. the baleful giginox gun is a good balance of shot variety and status (which you'll want to to use when in multiplayer, generally less useful in single player, minus poison), if you want to go full easy status the kettle blower does a great job, and has decent normal clips. my recommended all around gun would probably be the thundercrus line. it has gigantic normal clips, decent pierce clips with rapid fire level 2 to make sure you don't run out, para and slicing, it's quite good.

Mar 30, 2013 23:37