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swaggacheese - Jan 24, 2013 21:37

Should I trade my 3DS for a 3DS XL?

in anticipation for the release of a swarm of great 3ds titles i have considered selling my 3ds and forking out some cash to buy myself a 3ds xl. i'm just considering the slightly longer battery life on the 3ds xl as a useful, albeit slight, improvement. i also worry that foreseeable long spells on games like mh3u and pokemon x & y will perhaps cause handcramps (though i've never had any and i've had my 3ds for 1 and a half years). just wondering whether any of you guys are in a similar situation, or if not perhaps you have advice for me?

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clembk Backer - Jan 24, 2013 21:53

I recently upgraded from a launch 3DS unit to an XL and I can honestly say the upgrade was well worth it. My reasoning for upgrading wasn't necessarily the battery life; it was the screen size! And now when I see my brother's launch 3DS unit, it's hard to believe I was content with such a smaller screen.

GameStop was doing some pretty decent 3DS trade in promotions several weeks ago... not sure if they still are? But I'd say go for it - it's quite an upgrade and will be worth it based on those two releases (MH3U + Pokemon) alone (based on the time you'll most likely spend with both).

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Philsaegan Backer - Jan 24, 2013 21:57

Not a 3DS owner, myself, but I'll try and give my best thought.

Go with what you think is best. Check out the price of the 3DS XL and how much money you'll get back from selling your 3DS.

Also consider the problem personally. (Examples: Are you uncomfortable using the 3DS because of your big hands? Is your desire to get a XL greater than your willingness to take the time sell the 3DS and get a XL?)

Remember that if you really want to do something, then do it without regret.

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Don_Quixote - Jan 25, 2013 01:37

So I own a 3DS XL myself but never touched a regular one. I know they aren't terribly bigger than the DS Lite in terms of screen size, but I do know MH will need every millimeter you can give it. The biggest issue is battery life. You'll only get 6-10 hours on a single charge, depending on screen brightness and useage. Dunno about how you'll use it, though.

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Lone - Jan 25, 2013 14:06

If you can do it... do it. A 90% larger screen is surprisingly better than it sounds. Ultimate is the one game that makes me wish I hadn't bought my 3DS two days before the XL version was announced. The only reason I'm not selling mine to "upgrade" it is because I'm saving up really hardcore for both a PS3 and a WiiU =D

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