Jam_Crumpet - Jan 25, 2013 15:40

Help/Advice in solo-gunning MHP3rd

So, i recently just made my way through MHP3rd, without too much trouble, i vary through all gunner weapons (Though, light bowguns use is high as the rathalos gun and armour destroyed most enemies) And i beat the game with some ease, now im told to go into high rank through the guild.
I have reached the first level of high rank, and have hit a massive wall. I CANT KILL ANYTHING, well under 15-20 mins and without stacks of ammo. I can eventually kill them but, its too much.
I have reached high rank in MHFU and its loads easier, not monster difficulty, but my ability to kill them, as i can choose nekhot's solo missions.
My point is, in MHP3rd you have to go into the guild, where monsters have more health, and that boost in health is seemingly too much. Im sorta hunting quropeco and ludroth right now.
Am i doing something wrong? Or is this the way it is for everyone?
60 freeze + 99 Norm 2 + 80ish Norm 3 + Crags +more freeze from combines in about 20 mins to kill quropecco with ATK up LRG... Somethings wrong here.

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Berkel - Jan 25, 2013 21:28

When you're gunning you should take note of several very important pieces of information: /where/ to hit the monster, /what/ bowgun you're going to use and your own positioning.

It is very important to hit the weakest parts of a monster, with guns more than with melee weapons and even more with elemental ammo. If you're gunning Peco with Ice Shots, aim for the wings or the head. Those take 40% ice damage. However, if you're aiming at his body, pouch or feet you'll only do 10%, 20% and 20% respectively. Do you see? it takes 4 shots to the body to do as much damage as a single shot to the face.
If you're using Raw shots, on the other hand, you'll want to aim for the Pouch (70%) or the face (60%), and not at the tail or legs (both 30%).
Every monster has its hitzones. Look them up, memorize them and abuse them.

Second thing is what particular bowgun you're going to want to use. Light Bowgun is king of elemental damage, Heavy Bowgun is king of raw damage. LBG allows for rapid fire, giving you the option to launch volleys of several shots at 60% damage per shot for the price of a single shot of ammo. HBG allows for more raw, generally better clips and recoil, and the option to crouch fire/siege fire some ammo.
So if you plan on fighting Peco, take a LBG that rapid fires Water S (R Ludroth LBG) or Ice S (Barioth LBG) for your elemental needs.
I'm afraid I can't suggest many HBGs, because LBGs are insanely overpowered in P3rd, so there has never been a reason for me to use raw HBGs or even LBGs. Plus, most of the Elemental rapid firing LBGs have a pretty decent selection for raw shots too (Zinogre LBG has an incredibly good Normal load out, for example).
There's a LBG for every element. Zin for Thunder RF, Rathalos for Fire RF, Barioth for Ice RF, R Ludroth for Water RF (and Poison 1, which is awesome for Uragaan) and the LBG for Dragon RF (which is an entirely different kettle of fish). Lastly there's the Amatsu LBG which rapid fires all elements but Dragon and is the bane of every Epic/multi monster quest ever.

Finally there's positioning.
If you're sticking with elemental gunning, this has little meaning. Elemental ammo deals the same damage at every range, so as long as you're hitting (on the correct hitzones), you're good.
If you're going Raw, you'll want to be at a certain distance from the monster. Every raw ammo type (Pierce, Normal and Pellet) has a certain sweet spot where your shots deal the most damage (though in the case of Pellet, it's more at which distance the most pellets are hitting the foe, no special modifier).
This (http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/943356-monster-hunter-freedom-unite/faqs/57743) is a diagram (not made by me) showing the ideal range at which to fire your raw shots. As you can see, standing too close is never a real problem, but for things like Pierce 3 you'll want to stand further away to get that sweet, sweet damage boost.

I'm not really going to give armor recommendations, instead I'll give you some useful skills and you can use Athena's A.S.S. to see if an armor combination exists that has it.
Rapid Fire+1 is often recommended for elemental gunning. And for good reason. It adds an extra shot to your RF barrage for free. It it hits, that's a free 60% damage boost. It seems like a no-brainer, but be careful when going solo. You'll still have to fire that extra shot and you /will/ be more vulnerable because of that.
Element Attack Up and X Element Attack Up 1/2. They give a 10%, 10% or 20% damage boost to all elements or a single element, depending on the skill. Real useful.
AuX, RA+X and Exploiter. Basic attack/affinity boosts. Better on raw gunning than elemental gunning, doubly so for RA and Exploiter as elemental damage cannot hit critical.
Pierce Up/Normal Up/Pellet Up. Basic 10% damage boost to their respective ammo type. Except for Pellet up which gives +20%.
Deviation Down. Reduces the deviation of your shots. Real useful if your gun has a left and right deviation, because that makes it difficult to predict where your shots are going.
Recoil Down. Again obvious, reduces recoil. Great if you want to spam Pierce 3 or Pellets, but doesn't affect Rapid Fire.
Evade Distance Up. Increases your dodge distance. Real awesome for the slow as hell HBGs.

All that's left is to craft some useful guns, make a nice armor set and go out and kill things, good luck.

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Jam_CrumpetThanks for the great advice, currently working on atea armour for rapid fire skill. And i looked over all the tips, and its working much better! almost made ludroth equipment, which is my starting point for the high rank beasts

Jan 26, 2013 13:34

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Jimiwheels Backer - Jan 27, 2013 05:53

Lookup Mazereon's bowgun compendium 3rd. It's a great resource. His YouTube feed is killer too!

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vatto - Jan 25, 2013 17:14

What is wrong is that you have a weak gun with weak armor skills :(.
I know, the game isn't fair with gunner in early high rank.
I had an extensive talk with a friend in the forums that lasted months and started on early high rank and ended with akantor:

My general advice is: make low rank ancient armor and mix it with general pieces to make an armor set with: rapidfire+1 and element+2. The armor pieces here may vary with your elemental charms and you need one armor for each element.
I'd start with fire and go kill ludroth. It's the first LBG you can make and have decent pellet choices. When you finish it, kill barroth (with water/poison/normal) for the barrozoka (2nd best normal S gun). Use it to kill anything that is not weak to water or pellets. Bring combines (450 normal 2, 250 normal 3). When you reach 5* you will be able to forge high rank ancient chest. That's your end game chest with aoashira legs. Follow the same drill as with the low rank gear mixing it to get element+2. Now make rathalos's and barioth's gun and finish barrozoka.
In HR 6, trigrex's (normal 2 beast) with silver sol, and zinogre's gun. :D

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Jam_CrumpetThanks for the advice, i was wondering if there was a way to work around it, or if it would always be so hard, and you've cleared that up!

Jan 25, 2013 17:29

JHOnathanI was going to say something along those lines. You did well!

Feb 1, 2013 15:08

MagnusD - Feb 3, 2013 18:06

in a situation like this go for weapons with higher total different types of ammo loadable, and disregard ammo clip size. also go for rapid fire but aim correctly. also don't forget, as elemental and raw tolerances go up drastically, stuff like clust, crags, wyvern fire and bombs aren't reduced as much, if at all. sleep bombing is your friend when you're in over your head.

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