checkmate - Apr 6, 2013 20:32

Sword and shield: More raw or status/element?

We all know that sword and shields and elemental damage are best buddies. But while going through the damage formulas, I noticed that in Portable Third they included a 0.7 element/status multiplier for sword and shields. I did some calculations with some made-up models to calculate the difference in damage.

(And since we don't have the Trolltimate formulas yet, we're just going to assume they're more or less Portable Third formulas)

Sword X: 252 raw, 330 thunder, blue sharpness. After calculations for a full combo: 303 damage.

Sword Y: 238 raw, 370 thunder, blue sharpness. After calculations for a full combo: 293 damage.

(My math might be wrong. Someone double-check for me)

That's a 3.5% difference. Now, normally we wouldn't be concerned over it, but this is sword and shield we're talking about. That 3.5% add up quickly. So my question is, should we be aiming for raw or element/status when we reach a intersection in the sword and shield tree where they offer two similar weapons but with different raw/elements?

(If I am wrong in the calculations, please correct me and answer the question with the new stats you have, thanks.)

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SeaofSt0rm - Apr 6, 2013 20:47

I don't see how you can generalize it like that. certain monsters take more elemental damage than others, and it has to be a specific element. Your example is too linear, you have to calculate how much damage a certain sns would do to a certain monster.

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checkmateMaybe I should rephrase the question. I am not looking for the best weapon to use against a specific monster. I am trying to ask that if I were to select between two similar weapons, would the newly included 0.7 multiplier effect my decision to choose between the empowered raw or increased elemental/status weapon?

Apr 6, 2013 23:12

johnwolfCheckmate, Elemental damage actualy stacks with a SnS, and damage is calculated once you don't attack for a while. because of this the Elemental is a better choice because it has the greatest effect on monsters weak to it. I'm not saying Raw is bad on a SnS, because it's a good fall back when you don't have a good elemental SnS for the monster. the choice here is always situational.

Apr 7, 2013 03:26

SixOfOneYou should always take raw damage over elemental damage. However, elemental damage is much more important on the SNS than it is on something like a greatsword.

May 8, 2013 20:19

MagnusDalso, element holds together better under the conditions of falling sharpness, somethign that this game apparently values more than we seem to care about. I've only really had issues with sharpness dropping and making time to sharpen with gunlance in the tower, since alot of the fight can be spent tanking and countering, whereas with something that moves alot freer like hammer it's not too hard to sheathe and break away to sharpen

May 9, 2013 15:01

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Don_Quixote - Apr 7, 2013 00:54

Well with SnS, the variations are just so slight on raw compared to element(even with the 0.7 multiplier, which last I checked decreases whatever it multiplies) that unless the difference is at least 50 raw between them without an affinity buff on the weaker sword, more element is usually the better option.

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