DekuTree - Apr 7, 2013 05:51

Good high-rank/ G-rank gunner armour and bows?

Just wondering if anyone could tell me about some good bows and gunner armour for high rank and G rank. Gunning never seemed to effective at lower ranks to me but now I'm a bit more progressed through the game I thought I might try it.


Best Answer

darkhollow23 - Apr 14, 2013 22:34

i delved into bows for hi/g rank online and found that gunners should stick to status appication to help the blademasters as having a nother heavy hitter is near pointless in comparison. i started using the giginox S set with the rathian bow (and sleep C gemed in) for a great status set. giginox S is the best status gunner set in the game btw. other good status bows would be the joe bow that i can think of. if there is already another status gunner than i suggest u change to a set that can abuse a monsters elemental weaness, in way of this i started creating my own bow sets for each elemental stat. my 5 sets are as follows (but i have not finished creating them all): dire bow + silver los set for fire; G cead bow and set for water; A lagi bow and damascus set for thunder; barioth bow and set for ice; and finaly alateron bow and dober set for dragon (though S zinogre is a fine replacement for dober armor). any other questions just let me know! have a good hunt!

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