Brandn3r - Apr 12, 2013 03:43

Any tips for beating Alatreon.

I'm hr 47 on MH3U and have a large variety of G Rank weapons and armor. I've tried 7 times and in less than 15 mins in I always have 2 deaths and abandon to keep my stuff. Is there any armor what can save me from being two hit killed? I'm no noob to Alatreon but the one in MH3U is near impossible...

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SirLink - Apr 12, 2013 10:34

I killed him in 40 minutes on my first try with full Goldbeard, gemmed in Evasion+1 and the Gran Bhavani Ice Sword and Shield. If you used that armor set or any other that has a large Dragon Weakness, I'd highly recommend eating for Felyne Dragonslayer (Veggie+Drink, I believe) to nullify that weakness. Otherwise, you'll be taking a lot more damage from his dragon tackles and the annoying dragon punches.

The weapon choice should definitely be one you're very comfortable with (though Ice element would be great, since you'll be doing most damage when he's in ground mode) but there are other important things to bring, mainly Farcasters. Bring one and 10 Bomb Casings and 10 Exciteshrooms to combine more. It's cheap but you can avoid a lot of deaths, recover to save your potions because even 10 Potions, 10 Mega Potions, 10 Honey, 10 Blue Mushrooms/Herbs will most likely not be enough to outlast him. Sleeping in the bed also heals both of your Shakalakas immediately, so you could give them risky masks like False Felyne or the Ultimate Mask and just recharge them when they're dead.

Another crucial thing is utilising the Ballista Binder that's up against a wall in the northern corner and the two normal Ballistas to deal a lot of damage without getting up close and personal. Bind him whenever he's flying, ideally close to you so you can get a lot of hits off while he's on the ground and hope you can snap him out of flight mode. IIRC, Ballista ammo gathering spots are near each wall Alatreon can get stuck in, one in the middle of the battlefield and one slightly west of the Ballista Binder.

If you can do all this and save yourself from dying with Farcasters, you should be able to kill him eventually even if you don't break anything or cut the tail. Keep trying like this and you should succeed. Good luck!

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