Trippy - Jan 26, 2013 15:15

Most diverse newbie class?

So, I've made a new character on Portable 3rd - female this time around! I'm doing this so I can play with low rank players without ruining their game: I hate boosting players and Id rather play on an equal footing with and keep the game challenging enough to promote teamwork and stragegy, as I think this is the way the game is meant to be played.

My goal is to gear this character as quickly as possible so that it is actually useful in their game. My question is which class (blade or gunner) becomes the more diverse early on?

By diverse I mean to say which class has access to weapons which can be used effectively against the most species of monsters the earliest?

I'm leaning towards gunner at the moment, but I'd like to hear your opinions.

Thanks in advance!


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Berkel - Jan 26, 2013 17:50

If you want to support players, the Hunting Horn is the ultimate way to go. Even in Low Rank.

The Bone set gives both KO up and Flute Expert and can be made incredibly early. You need Delex stuff and bones. IF you can go to the Sandy Plains, hunt Great Jaggi and Bulldrome, you can make it.

From the very start Hunting Horns are good.
Yukumo Flute gives Attack Up, Defense Up, Health Up and Wind Cancel.
The Qurupeco Coronet has Health Recov, Health Recov and Deodorant and Earplugs (which can be played twice for HGE).
The Rathian HH is the earliest Horn with Infinite Stamina.

On top of the useful songs you can play, the HH can KO things and has a great combo (Circle-Triangle-Circle-Triangle-etc) to wail on KO'd monsters.

So join the (tiny) ranks of Hornbros today! Play your songs and defeat monsters with the power of MUSIC, ROCK and AWESOME!
Because let's face it, what other weapon allows you to kill things and play awesome tunes at the same time?

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TrippyHaha, indeed! I normally have some metal or prog rock track playing in the background while I hunt actually. ;)

Yes, the KO and buffs do make the HH seem like an amazing support class, which is admittedly the role I'm wanting this character to fill initially. Im considering making it the first weapon tree that Im going to explore in any depth this playthrough and my only concern is whether it will be very efficient on solo play. Seeing as I will be doing all of my farming on single player. Can you offer any suggestion there?

Jan 26, 2013 19:34

BerkelNo matter how you look at it, the HH will always lose in a speed contest to other weapons. Your offense isn't as damaging or fast as other weapons, but it will truly shine in multiplayer. The LR Hunting Horns don't have the variety their High Rank counterparts have, so your best bet for solo play is to take the one with the best Sharpness/raw, and with an Attack Up song to increase that damage.
Yukomo Flute is probably the best Yukumo weapon in the game. When upgraded you get Attack Up High and Defense Up High in the same horn. It's slightly lacking in raw power, but makes up for that by being really easy to make. Simply getting this horn will allow you to boost any Low Rank party, even if your own offense is sorta lacking.

Jan 26, 2013 22:27

BerkelAs an addendum, if you're planning on going into High Rank, I can give you quite a bit more advice. Lots of LR Hunting Horns have similar Note sets that diversify in High Rank.

Jan 26, 2013 22:28

TrippyThanks! I'm making this character for low rank, as I already have a high rank character. I'm only using this new character so I wont ruin other people's game or sense of acheivement if I am playing with any playrs that happen to be low rank. I've took you advice and I'm currently grinding to make hunting horns and as the skills that augment it are normally equally applicable to hammers in their effectiveness I am soloing with a hammer now.

Thanks again, I've found my answers! ;)

Jan 27, 2013 13:47

MagnusDis there a hunting horn with paralyze element? that would be fanstastic.

Feb 5, 2013 18:41

BerkelThe Thunder Gigginox HH has a (tiny) bit of Paralysis. It also comes with Status Attack Up and Negate Status. It's won't do much by itself, but can boost the party's status output pretty nicely.
And Negate Status is pretty cool when fighting Poison Ludroth or Gigginox/Thunder Gigginox.

Feb 5, 2013 21:01

TrippyThanks for the tip, that's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking out for with this support character. :D

Feb 5, 2013 21:38

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Lone - Jan 26, 2013 18:52

I'd say blademasters have the advantage early on. Not only do you have a lot more different types of weapons to choose from, potentially giving you advantage over every monster, but you don't have to worry about bullets or coatings. You can get all the ammo you want easily later in the game, but if you're just starting, getting enough money for bullets and coatings as well as equipment, weapons, consumable items like potions, etc can be kinda tough. Or boring.

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TrippyYeah, getting ammo recipes etc is very time consuming. Plus I don't have access to elemental shots just yet! D: I'm starting to think it'd be better to use melee the first few quests this time around. Perhaps I'll diversify into ranged weaponry later.

Jan 26, 2013 19:05

vattoTotally agree. When I read "weapon class" I immediatly thought: Greatsword. I think GS is the only weapon in the game that can do everything. Do you want KO? Done. Damage? Done. Breaking parts? Done. It's weak on status, though.

Feb 4, 2013 23:47

TrippyAll true, but though I don't want to bash the greatsword (I loved it in unite), I don't like the way it feels in this iteration of the game.

Feb 5, 2013 10:34